8 Tips for Getting More Social Media Followers, Fans, and Likes 1) Prioritize the social networks where your fans are likely to be. “Which social media network should I focus on?” This is one of the most commonly asked questions marketers have. We recommend that you create and maintain a presence on the top social...
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Are you ready to shortcut the time taken to create visual content?  In this post I share 50 shortcuts to Create Visual Content for Social Media including tools, strategies and apps that work to save you HOURS of time every month.  SaveImage by Shutterstock UPDATED WITH BONUS TOOLS | 17 DEC 2017 | CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS I recently...
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Social Media Checklist
Have you ever wished you had a social media checklist? The amount of work that goes into growing and managing a social media presence is immense, and it can be hard to make sure you’re staying on top of everything that needs to get done. Today I have Michael Patterson of Sprout Social sharing a...
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Here are the best WordPress plugins for social media auto posting: 1. Revive Old Post The plugin that shares your new and old articles on social media automatically. You need to set it up when you first install the plugin, but from there it handles things for you on its own. Revive Old Post has lots of great features...
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Hashtags written on multiple blue road sign
Hashtags are used on social media channels and are important in your business – you may be missing a trick if you’re not using them. But… …if you use the wrong ones, you need to get off that path you are driving down. So let’s figure how how to identify popular hashtags… First… let’s talk about...
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Here are a few things to consider when defining your target audience: Look at Your Current Customer Base & Replicate Success There’s no need to hire a fancy research company to help find your audience. There’s a high probability that you already have access to the most important source of data you could ask for. Your...
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Online Tools for Social Media
Competitor Analysis These three tools can help you to identify how well your competitors are doing and to benchmark your brand’s performance against them. #1: SocialBakers Offering a suite of different social media analytics, monitoring and management services, SocialBakers helps you to match your social media performance on various indicators against your top competitors. To start, you...
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1. Wix: Melt the Ice Campaign What was this campaign about? Wix encouraged users to enter into their Super Bowl contest where they could win up to $50,000. The catch? They would only draw a winner after a football fell out of a frozen block of ice. Why did it work? This campaign worked because Wix utilized...
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Content performance can be a difficult thing to gauge because there is a pretty wide collection of factors you could measure it by. Is it in leads for actual product sales? Organic traffic? Google ranking? Featured snippets? Social media shares? Increasing brand visibility? A mix of all of them? But however you measure success, there is...
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7 Amazing Logo Design Tools To Grow Your Blog-Brand
If you use a blog to promote your business you’ve tapped into one of the most effective online marketing strategies available. Blogging lets you get in front of potential customers who may be interested in your brand that you can’t find through traditional marketing channels. Having a quality logo is just as important for your...
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