Zmaxmedia became a ManyChat Agency Partner

Zmaxmedia became a Manychat Agency Partner, we build on top of the #1 bot platform on Messenger. 

As a ManyChat Agency Partner, we will be able to provide advanced chat pot services to our client.

Being on the social media helps in establishing strong relationship with the customers. The best way to engage with the customers in social media is by Chatbot marketing.

ManyChat is a software specifically designed to ease your pain and give you 24×7 support by using artificial intelligence.

 With ManyChat Users need not always initiate the process even bot can start its own conversation when it is required.

It has the ability to Maintenance messages, and product usage statistics to its users to keep customers updated about their brands. Even bots can be featured in advertisements.

Chatbots interact with customers directly in the real time, which means, the brand can avoid collecting data analysis from scattered sources, it is simple to extract the data made available by the bot.

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