Zmaxmedia is November’s top agency in the category of in Community Management Zmaxmedia Digital Agency is proud to be announced as November winners of Egypt in their global agency awards.  This award recognizes Zmaxmedia Digital Agency commitment to providing innovative Community Management in Egypt. TDA has an impressive roster of 4800+ global agencies on its...
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Zmaxmedia became a Manychat Agency Partner, we build on top of the #1 bot platform on Messenger. As a ManyChat Agency Partner, we will be able to provide advanced chat pot services to our client. Being on the social media helps in establishing strong relationship with the customers. The best way to engage with the customers...
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We Are Social/ Hootsuite releasing new Free Download report about: Mobile, Internet, Social Media, and E-Commerce usage around the world in 2019, including the latest global trends and individual data for more than 230 countries around the world. Egypt is one of the 230 Countries which was included in that report reflecting the usage of...
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The study predicted the upcoming trends in 2019 based on a deep analysis of color, typography, shapes and sizes that have been observed in the work of the most prestigious Design Agencies in the world and 2018 year’s winner artworks in Design Competitions. That article will explain the guidelines for design trends in 2019 which...
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Traditional marketing is failing to reach audiences like it used to. Even in its heyday traditional marketing wasn’t considered a precision approach. It was a numbers game, one that simply doesn’t work anymore. Newspapers and magazines are all but obsolete, and TV and radio are declining in a major way In its place rises digital...
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Five Steps To Accelerate Digital Transformation With Design Thinking It is clear that digital transformation is reinventing business practices. In today’s world, technological capabilities are constantly improving and in order to keep up, organizations must be agile and innovative as they integrate these digital technologies into their business practices. To stay competitive in any market,...
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How Digital Transformation Affects Process Design Reed Deshler  |  January 17, 2018 Digital technologies—not just hardware, but data, artificial intelligence, networks, social platforms, and other digital applications—are rapidly and profoundly changing the way we do business.  More and more companies of all sizes and in all industries are engaging in digital transformation as a way...
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In-depth research with executives at a wide range of companies shows how managers can use technology to redefine their businesses. Digital transformation — the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises — is a hot topic for companies across the globe. Executives in all industries are using digital advances such as analytics,...
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digital marketing
What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.  What is digital transformation? Why does digital transformation matter?...
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seo interview questions
Google will turn 20 years old this September, but it seems like it’s been around forever. Most of us can’t even begin to imagine a life without the ubiquitous search engine to help us navigate our data-driven world. When we need answers fast, we look to our phones or our laptops and bank on the...
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