2019 Design Trends

The study predicted the upcoming trends in 2019 based on a deep analysis of color, typography, shapes and sizes that have been observed in the work of the most prestigious Design Agencies in the world and 2018 year’s winner artworks in Design Competitions.

That article will explain the guidelines for design trends in 2019 which prepared by Author: Loredana Papp-Dinea, and Co-Author: Mihai Baldean that was published on: October 30th, 2018.

The design trend of 2019 guidelines:

1.Custom Made Illustration Trends.

1.1 Bold Colors.

1.2 Asymmetry.

1.3 Animations.

1.4 Eclectics.

1.5 Gradients.

1.6 Isometric.

1.7 Augmented Reality.

1.8 Natural Looking Photos.

2.UI/UX Design Trends.

2.1 Mobile First.

2.2 Negative Space.

2.3 Custom Made Illustrations.

2.4 Illustrative Icons.

2.5 Fluid, Geometrical & Asymmetrical Shapes.

2.6 Video Background

2.7 Animations.

2.8 Micro Interactions.

2.9 Bold Fonts Instead of Images.

2.10 Broken Grid & Overlapping Elements.

2.11 3D Illustrations.

3.Typography Trends.

3.1 Big, Bold, Better.

3.2 Custom Made Fonts.

4.Branding and Logo Trends.

4.1 Working with Color Channels.

4.2 Illustrations in Branding.

4.3 Animated Logos.

5.Motion Graphics Trend.

5.1 Grain Effect.

5.2 Flat 2D Animations.

5.3 3D Illustrations

6.Packaging Design Trends.

6.1 Bold Colors.

6.2 Non0traditional Materials.

6.3 Natural Materials.

6.4 Big Fonts.

6.5 Minimalism.

6.6 Illustrations.

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